About Tabla

“Tabla uncovers luxury India – the untapped, the vast, the magical and the unexplored. This is a story of history and true craftsmanship” - Tania Mohan


Tabla is a luxury brand made in and inspired by India. 

Founded by Tania Mohan in 1999, Tabla showcases India’s rich heritage of textile traditions, craftsmanship and colours.  From its exquisite embroideries to its vibrant history, India is at the core of Tabla’s DNA. 

Tabla journeys across the country in search of refined techniques and artistry kept alive by the karigars (artisans) to create intricate embellishments and detailed threadwork that cannot be found elsewhere. Craftsmanship is fused with the contemporary to produce our timeless silhouettes. 

Many of Tabla’s fabrics are crafted using time-honoured weaving techniques that have been passed down generations. The beauty of India shines in each piece, whether it's through the hand embroidery, vibrant colours or fabrics created with time-honoured weaving techniques passed down generations.

The result is a truly exclusive collection that can be worn in any fashion capital of the world, a piece of modern luxury that every woman aspires to own.